Our Small Group Study Guide

Our small group or what we call "Koinonia" is blessed to have studied three of Bill Hybels' Bible Study Series. We are truly amazed on how God has used these studies to edify us. During each phase of our study, our group progressively understood that the Christian Community is not just a mere group who study God's word, but rather it exists to cater to the deeper needs of each members. We are constantly challenged to be confident to share and open up with our brethren in this small group regarding our spiritual experiences and God's personal dealings in our lives. Our relationship deepened as we learn to love and accept each one's shortcomings as we walk closely with God.
These Bible Study Series focus on the foundations of the Christians' relationship with God in the context of community. The lessons move around the roles and disciplines of the Christian Community towards God and men. You will be given guided questions which can stimulate group discussions throughout the lessons and through these, individual life examples can be easily merged to a common conclusion. We are not only motivated to share our own thoughts and convictions on the topic but, are also blessed to hear each other's own shares of life experiences with God. Illustrations are also available and are easy to relate to practical applications. Furthermore, guide answers for each questions are available at the back of the books for additional insights from the author.
Here is an overview of what each lessons offer:
Making the connection This portion will give the group a slight preview of the topic to be discussed. It will give everyone a feel of what to expect when the lesson ends. It also serves as an icebreaker to create a more ease atmosphere.
Known and Being Known This makes up most of the discussion. This is where the guided questions together with the text references are outlined.
Celebrating and Being Celebrated This will encourage everyone to share life stories of triumphs and victories that are related to the topic.
Serving and Being Served A portion where you remember and pray for those people who have encouraged and touched you in a specific aspect of your life.
Loving and Being Loved A constant reminder after each topic of the love we give and we received from the Father and the people He has been using in our lives.