Top Reasons To Study Abroad in London

A city celebrated for its high-speed, inspiring momentum, be invigorated as you study in London and keep pace with world leaders in commerce and education.

London is an established hub of Business and Finance, Creative, Cultural and Health Industries. London presents a limitless array of ideas and activities to suit any character or disposition at any time.

Whether it's a sedate walk along South Bank to admire the scenic vista, Sunday morning at Columbia road flower market and Spitalfields, or a day spent looking at Art, there are so many ways to enjoy life in London.

Explore without Boundaries, See the World.

London has 5 airports creating links across the UK, Europe and throughout the World and is an established centre point for world travel. Students can use college holidays to explore parts of the world.

Roam across Great Britain, Ireland and the Continent.

Low cost, short haul flights make weekend trips outside London an alluring way to get a taste of European culture. As a result of Roman colonisation in ancient times, London is also well equipped with a vital transport network linking it to all parts of the UK enabling you to explore different aspects of Great Britain.

Share a new Perspective and Form Business Links

Those who study in London will have the opportunity to experience an array of world culture fused into one city. An epicentre for diverse backgrounds, London gives admission to a variety of differing cultural neighbourhoods where more than 200 languages are spoken.

It is inevitable that you will build life-long friendships as you study in London with people from all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the World. As a student, you will find that there are plenty of opportunities to meet people at your college in the Student Union at social events and in sports groups.

Enjoy the experience of travelling on London's extensive transport system by the city's iconic red bus, underground train, or black cab. As a Londoner you will adjust to life in the city and seamlessly journey from one side of London to the other enabling you to explore each neighbourhood and recognize how each differs and has something unique to offer.

Gain greater access to join the audiences of the 2012 Olympics in London and watch live competitions as they are televised around the world.

Develop New Abilities and Broaden your Mind

Having made the wise decision to study in London, you will be able to enhance your English language skills at the core of UK culture. Of all the places in the UK to choose to live and study, London is the most desirable location for International students to hone their English speaking and writing skills.

Outside of college you can practice applying your language skills without even trying, by listening to the radio, flicking through a newspaper or by making friends and meeting up with British nationals.

Similar to learning anything new, practice makes perfect and the more effort you make to engage in conversation with English people as you study in London the more you will see your ability improve.

Improve your Employability for the Future

There is no doubt that if you have chosen to study in London, you will enhance your future career prospects.

Spending time studying in the capital city of the UK will provide you with an abundance of opportunities to learn and broaden skills, access job markets and companies and give you a head start on your chosen career path.