Exercise: Increasing Both Quality and Length of Life

Almost all of us know about the positive effects of regular exercising on our physical and mental fitness. It not only keeps us fit and active, it maintains a healthy lifestyle and keeps our metabolism at the optimum level. In addition to the well-known effects of exercise, it has been found as a result of a study at Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC), Rotterdam, Netherlands, exercise has its proven positive effects on the life expectancy.

According to the study, your habit of regular exercise can increase the life expectancy by up to three years. Exercise can keep your heart healthy and this is how it can have a lengthening effect on the life expectancy of people who exercise on a daily basis. According to Dr. Oscar Franco, the consequences of a lethargic lifestyle can easily be compensated with a regular routine of exercising daily and it can your definitive step towards living a longer life with a quality lifestyle.

Among the several studies on the subject, one study involved a group of more than 4100 people who were grouped based on their habits of regular exercise, i.e. their levels of physical activities. Results of this study indicated that at the age of 50, the life expectancy of the group with medium physical activity was nearly 1.5 years more than that for the group with lower level of physical activity. On the other hand, the group of people under study with the highest levels of physical activity was shown to have an average of 3.5 years of additional life expectancy.

In an another study that was conducted to track people's daily activity levels and the workout they performed on a daily basis, it was found that the people who exercised regularly were of better health than those who did not. This study was conducted at the University of Florida, United States. Also, this study concluded that the people who aimed for daily exercise actually ended up performing exercise four or five days a week. So, basically the actual numbers of days you exercise are usually less than the intended number of days you aim for doing your exercises.

In a nutshell, all the studies conducted in order to identify the effects of exercises indicated that the optimum quality of life can be achieved by exercising daily. Not only for a health living, but also for a longer life, a habit of working out daily and maintaining the high level of physical activity can even result in a longer and disease-free life.